Threatening bodily injury toward a family member, causing bodily injury, acting recklessly with intent to cause harm, with or without a weapon involved, is reason enough for a person to be charged with aggravated domestic assault. A domestic violence charge is not to be taken lightly.

If you are charged with domestic violence, you can be prohibited from returning to your home. A domestic assault charge is a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. Texas views family assault and battery seriously. A domestic assault conviction can have a severe impact on many areas of your life.

If you are in danger of being harmed by any family member or your significant other, please visit this website first: or call 1-800-799-7233 or call 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) En Español.  Make sure you are safely situated and that your computer use is not monitored before you reach out to institutions and the authorities for help. Call us for representation so that we can evaluate your case and make sure justice is served.

Domestic Violence can be physical or emotional, and in many cases a combination of both at several levels. Such domestic violence can cause much distress. Your spouse, family member or partner can:

  1. Physically coerce or threaten you on an emotional level.
  2. Intimidate you by destroying things and display weapons, intending harm.
  3. Emotionally abuse you, your parents, your family members.
  4. Economically abuse you by preventing you from having a job or gaining any level of financial freedom.
  5. Assert their male privilege if you are the weaker partner, berating you verbally and forcing you to do things against your will.
  6. Use your children to manipulate you and emotionally blackmail you.
  7. Deny allegations, minimize your accusations, and blame you as a liar.
  8. Isolate your reach within community and cut-off access to family members.
  9. Keep a check on you to maintain power and control over you at all times.
  10. Beat you, physically push you around, and physically harm you repeatedly.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone, any race, any gender of any socio-economic level. It is important that the abused person make a plan to exit the relationship safely and report it to the authorities immediately.,

Val Zuniga is a lawyer who believes in having a strong family and keeping healthy relationships. He takes every case of domestic violence seriously and will fight to legally represent you to his best ability to get you the justice you deserve.

If you believe that you are being charged with domestic assault, or you are being assaulted by a spouse or family member, get legally represented today. Call 713-DRUG LAW (378-4529) now to protect yourself. We are here, ready and available to help evaluate and defend your case.

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