Adult Victims in the Criminal Justice System

Ongoing research on Criminal Behavior has found that there are Adult victims who fall prey to their perpetrators. These individuals are those who cannot fend for themselves. The perpetrators are powerful men/women who are either physically powerful and/or of powerful stature. They coerce weaker individuals, who are subject to their current economic situation, or are mentally imbalanced, combined with having physical disabilities or poor health, any recognized medical condition(s). They are forced to act as proxy to committing crime(s) by grooming or influencing them either by threat, blackmail, or promise of reward. This also includes crimes of a sexual nature, through any form of coercion upon the weaker individual. This is another form of modern day slavery which is deemed a crime.

Click here to read the findings of the study!

Please share this with your family, friends and co-workers to help keep our society and communities a safer place!

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